Tuesday of legend And stories “life and the passage of time”

Thank you very much dear friends for the company and reading my post, the days have passed very quickly, again we have arrived on Tuesday, the day in which my blog becomes mystical and magical, it is time to pause and enjoy a reading with the charm of a legend, natural or supernatural facts of life, magical episodes that our grandparents told us, or that loving reading that our parents gave us before sleeping. I invite you to travel through time and enjoy a beautiful legend as we did in our childhood.


Today’s story will take us to a magical and incredible place Home of Time! All people mention them, many questions in their environment Who knows where the home of time is? Where does the time that we go, where the time we lose, where the time we waste, rest? Despite the fact that many mention it, few appreciate it, most of the time.

Source: Pixabay


When we lack or we no longer have more time!


We are aware that life is one and that time is limited, at least here on earth, life is very related to time and as time passes, we have fewer lives, you could say that life It is a piggy bank full of coins, each coin that you take out of the piggy represents a day and the value of that coin is time that is equivalent to 24 hours.

The time should be like money, we manage it in such a way so that it reaches us, with a big difference, the money that we do not spend today or the surplus money can go back to the piggy bank, however the time that we have not, not there is a piggy bank where the extra time is saved, the time we lost or the time we waste, when we reach the 24.00 hour, we have to take another 24-hour coin from the piggy bank and so on every 24 hours, until we take the last coin.

Source: Pixabay


Each time coin is unique and is valid for 24 hours, we must be very smart in the administration of our currency, live every hour of that currency, so that the remainder we spend it in hours of sleep.


Spending remaining hours of our currency in sleep is very important for our health, in reality it is not an expense but an investment, since a healthy person can be a happy person and a happy person can conquer success.

For many years, scientists and scholars wanted to study the value of time, however they invested a lot of time with few results, they are the same people we know the true value of time, however few are aware that we know that value.

Source: Pixabay


Nobody knows more than a farmer the value of a year, when this year he planted his seeds and the drought ruined his harvest, now he must wait a year to see the result of his next planting.


Nobody knows more than an employee the value that a month has, when the money that he received for his monthly work, he only reached to pay his bills, now he must wait a whole month until his next salary.

Nobody knows more than a student of the interior the value that has a week, to improve their studies should travel to the capital of their city and return to visit their parents every weekend, the weekend is intense and full of happiness, but he knows that he must go back to school and wait a whole week to go back

Source: Pixabay


No one knows more than a couple of lovers who are hidden, the value of an hour, meetings full of happiness and love, but their time is limited, their encounters are hidden


Nobody knows more than a student the value of one minute, one minute of delay, the entrance bell rang, and the doors closed


Nobody knows more about the value of the second, than an Olympic athlete, who for a second won the gold medal in the discipline 5000 meters

As you will see until the second of our time is very important, every second counts and can make a difference. Even a very powerful man like Alexander the Great understood the true value of time.

In the legend of “Alejando Magno, Alejandro III of Macedonia or Alejandro el grande” as it is known, he makes mention of the last three wishes that he requested from his servants when he felt that his time was running out and death was approaching.

Source: Pixabay


The first wish was those who would carry their coffin to their niche, requesting that they be the best professionals in medicine


The second wish referred to all their assets, expressly requested that they be exposed to the pathway that leads to their niche.


The third wish was a symbolic act, requesting that their hands be left outside the coffin, so that when people passed by they could see them.


As expected, his servants were curious about their wishes, the closest approached and asked the meanings of their wishes. Alejandro, like all gentlemen, did not wait for an answer.


-The first wish is to show that for better professionals that result, nothing can be done when time is up and the time of death arrives.


– The second wish has to do with the time that one invests in obtaining the “material goods” and at the time that the time of life is over, all those goods remain on the earth, no material good we carry with us


– The third desire obsede, to remind people that we come to the world with nothing, with “empty hands” and when we retire from this world we do it with “empty hands”


In conclusion, we are aware that life is one and that time is limited, our time is the real treasure. It is not renewable! we must be smart to spend it, choose with the people we want to share our time and prioritize material things that we want to waste time, share with your loved ones and the simple things of life, that there lies happiness and worth It is a pity to invest our Time.


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Steemit Blockchain Memory Project (Learning to Negotiate)

Life is a true mystery, you never know what awaits you, We do not all live in the same way, at birth we never know what awaits us ahead, nor the family that will touch you

If you will be a privileged person in life and a family will be a good match, in my case, due to our economic situation I have to assume responsibilities very prematurely, it is something that fills me with pride If I had the opportunity to live life again, I would not change anything.

Source: pixabay


I was lucky enough to find a post that our friend @ mervancewalton published, where he invites us to participate in a new challenge, the slogan is to publish a memory or a memory that makes us feel good and was significant in our lives.

This post is the continuation of my story presented in advance, which ends when my direct boss Omar Salazar applied for a written attention, informing me that I would ask management for my pass to another sector. I mentioned earlier that Mr. Salazar is not a bad person, he is just very passionate and he loves the cleaning sector a lot, I must admit that I also learned to love the sector

Source: Pixabay


Mine was not an act of rebellion, I was aware of what was happening inside the branch and I could have my free time to collaborate with other sectors and also gain experience for my career of growth in the company, from day 0 I knew that in this company I would make a great career of growth, remember that in this company I worked 18 years and I retired as commercial manager of the company.


At the time that Mr. Salazar reported his next request to the management team of my transfer to another sector I elaborated in my mind how to avoid this transfer, as I said I was also passionate, I loved the cleaning sector, but my vision was another, learn as much as possible of all sectors, for tomorrow you had to drive a branch, you would have the knowledge and the completion times of each task, a boss who knows each process and his times is a manager at that they can not be passed on or cheated with the tasks, it was what was happening in the branch, poorly organized sectors, in some there was a lack of workmanship and in others it was lacking.


The manager of the branch knew very well the work and his times, what happened was that he had a lot of confidence with his middle managers and did not control his actions, with all the problem that there was in my environment and my download

that was not an act of rebellion and that he did in order to collaborate with sectors that needed a hand, Mr. Ruibal opened his eyes and began to visit the sectors at peak times, in Only one visit detected all the irregularities that existed and in less than a week I had the supermarket working very well.

Source: Pixabay


The manager met with each one of the managers, he was very angry with what was happening behind his back, how they allowed that to happen and since they were able to take advantage of the status that he felt for them, it can not be that a newly based staff arrived could notice these things and they already trained people and with much knowledge, could not warn the situation and make the necessary corrections, from that moment the territorial authorities were finished, as an exemplifying measure, one week a month the managers would provide service in a sector different from yours, that way everyone would see the problem of other sectors besides yours.


You may be wondering what happened with my transfer, right?

The transfer never materialized, I raised the bet with Mr. Salazar, I offered a fair deal, that allowed me to continue working in the sector at night as we had been doing, after my work schedule that is flexible and can work in I wanted the sector, with the condition that if I found something badly done in my cleaning sector, he could opt for the following actions.

Source: Pixabay

  • I would give up my job
  • He would work double shift in the sector for as long as he considered sufficient
  • Work a whole month and not receive my salary
  • That he decides some other type of sanction


As I said Mr. Salazar was not a bad person, he was only extremely territorial and jealous of his staff, after I learned the reason, the best employees of the other sectors were cleaning employees.


What really bothered him was that he did a good job of induction, teaching all the steps to do things well, not only in his sector, he prepared them for any situation and work in any sector, it was there where the other managers they took advantage, they requested the pass of the well trained personnel to their sectors.

It is not necessary to mention that I accept my proposal, I worked in the cleaning sector from 10.00 pm until 8.00 am and after that I could collaborate in the sector that I wanted or needed my help, that’s how I began to collaborate with the manager of the grocery store Mr. Torrico.

Source: Pixabay

But this is an other history.


As I said the separation from my parents was very traumatic, I missed everything that I had known before, however when I got used to it, I learned.


As much as my decision would weigh! I had to continue with my way, if I wanted to grow as a person, I had to leave things behind.


I hope you have enjoyed these memories, be careful, there are many more to come!


Rules of engagement of the Steemit Blockchain Memory Project

  • Share any meaningful memory you want. Think of things that have shaped who you are or that may be unique in some way. Think of the memories you would like your great-grandchildren to tell … now write posts about these memories on your Steemit blog.
  • Share a link to this publication in all of your Blockchain Memory Project publications so others can find the rules.
  • Share your posts with your friends and family on external social networks (optional but encouraged).
  • We want your memories to live forever. We also want those memories can be sought by those who might be looking for them in the future.
  • For this reason, I suggest the following labels for your first four: “Story Life Blog BlockchainMemoryProject”.
  • Your last label should be very specific of what you are writing in your publication, something that will help people who search on the Internet.


If you want to know more about what the slogan of Steemit Blockchain Memory Project is about, just enter the link that I leave below.

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Beautiful Sunday: Walk along the Correntina waterfront

Thank you very much dear friends of steemit, for being present in my blog and accompanying with the reading of my post. Sundays are highly anticipated, a day of recreation and recreation, ideal reason to get out of the routine for a while and share pleasant moments with the family, which you can share on the initiative of my friend @ ace108.


If you have no idea what it is, I leave you the link of the last presentation.

https://steemit.com/beautifulsunday/@ace108/45wrp8-beautifulsunday-powered-up-winners-for-the- week-with-help-of-steemsql-or-steemsql-by-ace108 A wonderful slogan where you have the opportunity to share the adventures lived on a Sunday, a space created to commemorate beautiful Sunday experiences.


I want to take this post of family outing to recommend @familyprotection This is an action being carried out @ canadian-coconut and @markwhittam collaborating with families that are being undone and attacked by organizations such as the “Child Protection Agency (CPA) ) ”

An initiative based on the steem block chain in steemit. The agencies of “Child Protection” deprive infants of their surrogate families or parents of heart, in these situations, families need shelter.

Source: Pixabay


What @familyprotection does is to provide support and support to these families, creating awareness of what is happening, of the abuses against the family and infants by the “Child Protection” organization.


I invite you to know and support the beginning of the foundation of @familyprotection. How they came together, creating a beautiful community, please enter here.

The departures of Sundays have become a classic, the most grateful is my granddaughter Abigail, is expectant to the arrival of the weekend, everything makes us suppose that they will be fun days. A few weeks ago we celebrated the international day of the child, these dates are key to invest money in gifts for the child, I say invest and not an expense, make a child grow happy is to invest in the future of the child, if a child grows happy, is more likely to be a better person, grow up without remorse and happy makes the child when he is big does not keep inside a sad life full of remorse.

Argentina is a beautiful country, it has many diversities, ideal to satisfy every taste of the people, a beautiful place to visit and live, there are many provinces of the interior that keep an incomparable wealth, the nature and the green spaces, lakes, estuaries, lagoons, rivers, seas and oceans for lovers of water, mountains, hills and hills for those who prefer heights, forests, forests and thickets for those in love with nature. He only has one bad thing.
Political power!


Outgoing government that left a country in ruins, current government that does not know how to fix the wrong things that were done for 12 years, added to the political attacks to disrupt management, all these acts of vandalism cause disasters in the economy and the consequences pay as always the town, indexes of measurements of the country are skyrocketing, such as country risk and inflation, the level of poverty and the price of the dollar
u $ s1 dollar = $ 44 Argentine pesos


With these values ​​the cost of living is very high, we must be very prudent to live in Argentina today, for those of us who live off the compensations of the web or depend on the movements of the cryptocurrency we must minimize the expenses at least pass the storm.


Since I have use of reason it was always the same in this country, for that reason we have learned to live in times of crisis, you can not allow these issues to limit your quality of life, there are always more austere alternatives to spend very come family, our family ride we did visiting the beautiful coastal road that has the land without evil.



Our waterfront is beautiful, a corridor of more than 4 kilometers to walk along the river Paraná, enjoy a family walk in a unique place, where harmoniously coexist the city and nature, perceive as you walk the fresh breezes of the river bristle the skin, share these unique sensations with your loved ones! Priceless!


The General San Martin waterfront gives you one of the most beautiful sunsets, colors that can range from yellow, orange or pink, that subtly escape between the palmar branches, a unique and tranquilizing vision, makes you forget everything external, everything the bad that could come to exist at that moment. Magical and incomparable moment, which only lives on the coast of the earth without evil.


As usual, the responsible for taking these beautiful pictures is Ramiro, my youngest son, I hope you find it to your liking and enjoy it as much as we did








Our little Sunday strolls are always fun, regardless of the place you visit or the money you have to spend, they always have a good time, because what matters in them is being with their loved ones.

Thus ends our beautiful Sunday, nothing can be done against the disposition of the destination, rather than accept as it is presented and enjoy a beautiful family Sunday, we we see the coming Sunday.

I wish everyone a wonderful week!

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Saturday of suspense: “The Beautiful Chalet”!

Thank you very much dear friends for the company and reading my post, the days have passed very quickly, again we have arrived on Saturday, day in which my blog becomes mystical and scary, for those who enjoy horror movies, it’s time of a pause and enjoy a reading, natural or supernatural facts of life, dark legends told to us by our parents. I invite you to enjoy an urban legend as we did in our childhood.


The land without evil throughout history lodge different cultures, believers and superstitious of paranormal things and beyond, according to their beliefs between earth and hell there is a portal, where assiduously there are entities that return to their homes or places of origin

Source: pixabay


Welcome dear friends to another Saturday of suspense, Corrientes are very superstitious, since children were inculcated to believe and respect paranormal things, the land without evil houses thousands of stories of events that have been witnessed.


After the separation of my parents, Mama had to get another job, in the current one, the salary was very low that it was impossible to live on it,

Always We were very classmates, she waited for the school’s departure time and from there we walked a lot until we got to her job, on the way we left behind several neighborhoods, among them the Aldana neighborhood, a very coquettish and middle class neighborhood of my city, there was a beautiful villa, its facade was adorned by a beautiful garden, which invited to watch it for several hours, the construction was imposing and luxurious, with colonial tile finishes.

Source: Pixabay


Mama worked in a family house, her tasks consisted of washing and ironing the clothes, cleaning the huge house from floor to ceiling, sanitizing the utensils and preparing dinner, for all this work, my mother had to charge three to four more times.


As my mother said, in which job I would accept a separated woman and with a small child, at that time I was not eight years old, I could not stay alone in our home, for that reason I accepted the payment terms of their current work

Daily we passed by the beautiful property, we stayed several minutes contemplating its beauty, the expression of my mother was always the same I would love to work in this place! When I was determined to ask if I needed an employee, the same question was asked

Source: pixabay


Would you let me work here with you? The reason why he never consulted.


So the days went by, admiring the future work of my mother, the current job of breast, if it were not for the salary, it would be the ideal, the owners of the house wanted me as their own son, the lady was taking care of helping me with my school chores while mom worked, the homeowner every time he left home invited me with him, the teenage children treated me as if I were one of their brothers, an additional very important salary.


Argentina was always a country in crisis, in that year things got complicated, my mother’s salary was not enough to live and my mother’s employers could not continue using her, the perfect combination to look for a new job.


As expected, he decided to look for a job in the beautiful chalet, when he rang the bell he heard a very strange sound that made his skin crawl. Who could have a bell with that sound in their home? minutes later it was attended by the butler.

My mother consulted with the person if they needed an employee, who answered in a very particular way. Here employees are always needed! Mama did not understand him because of the comment And well he wants to do Are you sure you want to work here? He said in a very striking way.

Source: Pixabay

– Yes of course, otherwise I would not be here, my mother replied

Seconds later the owner of the house appeared before her, a very fine and elegant woman, dressed in the most expensive clothes that could exist, full of jewelry her forearms, her neck and her ears hung very expensive earrings.


-Yours !, do you want to work with us? How much are you willing to receive for your service?


Mama was very surprised with the question, the first time in all her working time, that someone was interested in her intentions to collect, commented on the value of the salary she received in the previous job and estimated that she had to earn three times more.


The woman was thinking for a few minutes, said she would consult the reference, if favorable comments would pay five times more than the previous salary, although I should consider out there they did not accept employees with boys. For my luck!


The references were very good soon after, Mom was already working in the place I had dreamed so much, as for me, I stayed all day with my grandparents.

The first weeks were very good for my mother, things went on rails, she soon learned to do things with the owner, the house inside was huge, two outer squares and two interior squares, the two inside were located underground, a truly amazing construction.

Source: Pixabay


In the two upper floors all social activity was carried out and in the lower ones the private of the couple, my mother being the cleaning one, had to attend all the squares, the main bedroom was a huge room with an old style, with peculiar paintings that attracted attention, in the lower floors an esoteric climate was perceived.


After several weeks and once Mom was more accustomed to her tasks, she began to work more relaxed, during the breakfast hours she decided to go to the dining room to have breakfast with the other employees, once the employees entered in confidence, they asked My mother as I did to work with all those rude strangers that were on the lower floors, the truth that my mother until then had never heard anything

From there, working in the place became impossible, listening to all kinds of strange noises, children crying, women crying inconsolably, chains hitting the walls, requests for help. At first I was looking for where you came from these strange noises and laments, but I could not find anything.

Source: Pixabay


My mother works terrified, she was very afraid, sorry to ask for work in the place wanting to give up, every time she was going to do it, she thought about the cost of the rent and our way of life.

One morning he bought a bincha for the cold, those who cover their ears. Every time I had to go down to the lower floors, I put the bicha and some plugs in my ear, that way I did not hear the noises, I worked a few months that way, until I began to see some reflections in the mirrors, it was evident that who lived there wanted to get my mother’s attention, mama avoided seeing in the mirrors, as my mother’s attention did not get worse. The furniture began to move, the mirrors fell to the floor and the glass was scattered throughout the room, some decorations flew against the floor, the situation became untenable.

Source: Pixabay


One day I can not take it anymore and I talk to the owner, I mention all the things that were happening, the owner confirmed that the noises happened years ago, but the flying things were new, it had never happened before, it was evident that my mother provoked with his ignorance.


Apparently the villa in antiquity belonged to dictators, in the lower floors they used it as dungeons and torture, it is believed that there were many murders, it would be an explanation to what was happening in the place.


This is another story that harbors land without evil, something that my mother lived in her adolescence, nobody can certify that these stories are true, as my mother says. There are, there are.

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