Friday of humor: “Scientific studies that leave you with your mouth open”

Hello dear friends, the week has gone and we have arrived to Friday, today in my blog there will be place for humor, fun, absurd, unusual and ridiculous news from the web, This post format is increasingly accepted and requested in our beloved platform, without a doubt the pioneers in this genre of humor are my friends @meesterboom and @trafalgar.


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The humor of today comes from the hand of unpublished scientific analysis. The technological advance has allowed science to advance on many fields

Many news we have heard in relation to this topic, “the first artificial pancreas is a reality in the Argentina “,” With a special diet, they reduce the bone deterioration that celiac disease causes in women “They manage to see a film in a soap bubble” “Our cognitive deterioration begins at 45 years” These and many other topics we have been listening to and reading. Today I want to share these scientific studies that will leave your mouth open

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There is nothing more mysterious than life, evolution, maturity and aging, are points that have been studied for a long time,

the cycle of life has captivated many scientists to try to understand it, old age has been for many years reasons for studies, some scientific results showed that to reach a healthy old age had to do exercises, eat a healthy diet, avoid standing and many other issues we have listened

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Many hours devoted to the study of old age, recently released data and really amazing results, the mystery for a long life lies in washing the dishes, now when you hear or tell you to go wash the dishes! They are not insulting you.

Long life for women who drive badly, First world women when you hear them say Go wash the dishes! They are not insulting you. Actually you are longing for a long life. ! Long life for those who drive badly!

Source: Pixabay


The scientific report ensures that washing the dishes contributes to a better life by extending the years of life. This is the answer to my grandmother living 105 years, with 17 small children, how many dishes did she wash per day?


The unprecedented scientific analysis was conducted at the “University of California” discovering the Elixir of life


Who could imagine that a long life was in our own hands?

The scientific result was achieved by analyzing more than six thousand cases, those who washed the dishes concentrated in the task and appreciated the water running in their hands, drastically reduced their “levels of nervousness”

Now there are no more excuses not to wash the dishes!

Source: Pixabay


“The study also states that washing the dishes reduces the risk of dying suddenly. Decreasing the risk of death by 12% ”

“Now if the washing of dishes is done daily and for more than 30 minutes (eye with water …), the risk of death decreases by 39%”


The person in charge of the scientific study was the doctor “Andrea Z” who affirms that when washing the dishes it is possible to reduce the levels of “sudden death” in addition, in addition if the washing is done in a happy state it reduces the “stress levels” and as a result, the “immune system” is strengthened


Another activity that is very fashionable and was the subject of scientific analysis were the popular selfies


A rigorous study was conducted at the “University of Wageninge” determined that the need to be taking often selfies is due to lack of sexual activity

if we see the photographs we will see that it speaks for itself, strengthening the results of the scientific study. The scientist who investigated the behavior of these people, affirmed that they are individuals with relatively low or no sexual activity.

Source: Pixabay


The scientific study was identified as “Het fotograferen van ontbering en eenzaamheid” (“The photograph of difficulties and loneliness”). This was named by the researcher “Christyntjes Van Gallagher” responsible for the research

The scientific study was conducted on a sample of more than 800 volunteers, working on his photographs and his behaviors in real life, the results were imminent, more than 80% did not have an “active sexual life” contradicting his public profile of presentation, where they refer to alpha males.

Source: Pixabay


In general, people with a certain addiction to self-photos end up confusing reality with the virtual, since it is not just a selfie, they are also responsible for retouching the images to show a different reality.


If you want to know more about these unpublished scientific reports, you just have to enter the links that I leave below.

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