Viral history of the web: “Millionaire thanks to the discarded legacy of his grandmother”

Thank you very much dear friends for accompanying and reading my work. Again we have arrived on Thursday, today on my blog there will be a place for viral news on the web, I hope that the presentation is to your liking and enjoy as much as I do when making the material.


At birth we never know what we will find or if we will have the luck to do it within a wealthy family or a country economically, in my case it was not one of the two circumstances.


I am one of those who think that destiny has something prepared for us, but to achieve it, we have to work hard, overcome many adversities, be tenacious and above all. Be persistent!


There are those who think that everything happens for some reason, it is the work of destiny, it wanted certain situations to happen, however there are others who think that fate does not exist and everything that we propose happens.


The viral news of the week is related to the opportunities that occur once in a lifetime. Fate things or not!

You have to know how to take advantage of the situation. An old inheritance and destiny made “Loren Krytzer” a millionaire, a man with an incredible life story.



The life of “Loren Krytzer” is very interesting, with sad nuances, a touch of magic and an example of overcoming. I am one of those who think that destiny has something prepared for us, but to achieve it we must overcome many adversities, be tenacious and above all. Be persistent!


This is the story of an American man, successful carpenter, owner of his own business. Fate works in a mysterious way, lived a normal life, without knowing that destiny had prepared something for him, in the year “2007” destiny wanted him to have an accident, as a result he lost his “left foot” and part of his leg , he remained interned for many months, enough time for him to lose his business, the sequels of the accident made him unable to work

He appeared before the government agencies, requesting an economic aid for disability, had to insist for a long time until getting financial help, before this he had to take some of the worst decisions of his life, get rid of his children by sending them to live with his grandparents, this topic was what worried him most.



At the time when the pension was granted, he had the opportunity to rent a cabin in “Leona Valley-California” for a value close to $ 700 dollars. This took all his money, leaving only $ s “200 dollars” to face all the expenses, luckily I received help from the public dining rooms.


At the worst moment of his life, when everything seemed to be lost and watching a television program, a drop of hope emerged. The programming transmitted the values ​​of the antiquities and among them there was an indigenous blanket with an incredible value “U $ S 500 thousand dollars” an antiquities expert “Don Ellis” made known the reasons for the values ​​of antiquity.

Interestingly “Loren Krytzer” received an inheritance by decanting, when her grandmother passed away, she went to look for some books that had inherited, the house was already empty, all the belongings had been taken by her mother and sister, only the books and an old blanket were left, apparently no one wanted her. Watching the television program, he found that his blanket was very similar to the indigenous blanket. He almost dies of emotion.



“This man on television said that such a blanket could be worth between US $ 300,000 to US $ 500,000 so I started thinking that maybe I could get about US $ 5,000 or US $ 10,000,” said “Loren”


From that day he went on a campaign to try to sell his inheritance, the antique shops were not interested in his product, he visited all the antique houses in his city without positive results, finally he came to a business that was in charge of auctioning objects ” American natives”


“Loren Krytzer” was responsible for getting all information about the native blanket of his grandmother, turned out to be a real gem. A person from Dakota named “John Chantland” great-great-grandfather of “Loren” had in his hands back in the year “1800” The blanket passed from hand to hand, generation after generation, until it reached their hands.


The blanket turned out to be of the highest quality and unique, belonged to a “Navajo cacique”, according to the owner of the auction company, for the quality of the piece could be auctioned in a flat of “U $ S 200 thousand dollars” “Loren” I could not believe what I was listening to

Finally the blanket was put up for auction, the auction did not last for two minutes, the first offer started with a little less than expected “u $ 150 thousand dollars “the counter offer increased its value to” $ 500 thousand “the million was immediate, ending the auction with the value of” US $ 1.5 “million dollars”



“They had to bring water and cloths to dry the sweat because I was hyperventilating, I felt I could not breathe and I could not avoid the tears”,


“It was hard to assimilate, I worked all my life in construction, I never bought anything, I never saved, I always rented, I had a used car and I lived from check to check”, commented “Loren Krytzer”


The life of “Loren Krytzer” changed drastically, from nothing to millionaire, thanks to the discarded inheritance he received from his grandmother.


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