How much do you know about food: I invite you to know “The benefits of Chile”

Chile is a well-known plant in much of the world, but how much do you know about this vegetable? Its scientific name is “Capsicum”, and it has its ancestry in the “Solanaceae” family, better known as Chile, you have probably heard it named “chili, chili, utsu, uchu, wayk’a, chilli”, this vegetable It is grown as a medicinal plant and edible, many farmers prefer it for its particular flavor.


This vegetable comes from Mexico and from there it spread to every corner of the universe, although in much of the world it is cultivated, the biggest producers are.

  1. “China”
  2. “Mexico”
  3. “Turkey”
  4. “Indonesia”
  5. “EE. UU. “
  6. “Spain”
  7. “Egypt”
  8. “Ghana”
  9. “Algeria”
  10. “Netherlands”

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There are many varieties of Chile, the best known are

  • “Chile Güero”
  • “Jalapeno”
  • “Green pepper”
  • “Pepper”
  • “Habañero pepper”
  • “Cayenne pepper”


This vegetable is very versatile at the time of cooking, it can be used as a condiment, consumed raw, cooked or fried, in company with other foods.
There are hundreds of recipes where you can include chili.
Green rice with poblano chili and potatoes

Stuffed peppers

Stuffed poblano chiles in the oven

Chile with American style meat

Fish in morita chile sauce

Pork chop with chili and corn

Beans with chili


You should know that by consuming this vegetable you are incorporating, many benefits for your body, consuming regularly is very beneficial for the health of your body, by ingesting add to your body vitamins and minerals

“Polyunsaturated fatty acids”
“Dietary fiber”
“Vitamin A, B6, C


  • Consuming regular chili brings many benefits to your body, mainly to your heart, its “iron, magnesium and potassium” components actively contribute to the “blood vessels” improving blood circulation, preventing and reducing “blood cholesterol” preventing “cardiovascular diseases”
  • If you are a person with weight loss treatment or you want to have a beautiful silhouette, you should consider adding chili to your diet, this vegetable has the property to burn “fat” this is possible to its “thermogenic effect”, also to consume provokes satiety what you do that you eat less
  • This vegetable has the capacity of a natural anti-flu, its content of “vitamin C” prevents the cold, stimulating the “immune system”, is what makes such effects possible. In addition, its “B vitamins” component prevents and improves “respiratory passages” and “lung inflammation” by releasing “mucous membranes”
  • Natural cosmetics, this vegetable has “antioxidant properties” that contributes to the “formation of collagen” responsible for keeping your skin healthy and radiant. It also actively contributes to all skin conditions, such as scars caused by “acne, burns or injuries”


Now that you know the benefits of the consumption of chili, what you think, or how many times you will consume this wonderful product

  • Once a month
  • Once a week
  • Once a day

If you want to know more about the medical and scientific specifications and the benefits that the consumption of this plant brings, you just have to enter the links that I leave below.

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