Tuesday of legend And stories “Things of destiny”

Thank you very much dear friends for the company and reading my post, the days have passed very quickly, again we have arrived on Tuesday, the day in which my blog becomes mystical and magical, it is time to pause and enjoy a reading with the charm of a legend, natural or supernatural facts of life, magical episodes that our grandparents told us, or that loving reading that our parents gave us before sleeping. I invite you to travel through time and enjoy a beautiful legend as we did in our childhood.


The legend of today will take us to a magical place. Ha-Long Bay! A beautiful place full of mysticism, where big people become children again, even if it is not for a moment and remember the beautiful stories of their childhood.

Today’s story is inspired by a story entitled “the father and his two daughters” It is about a man who has two daughters, as he grows up , each one takes a different path, as you know, throughout life we ​​go through different situations that require adequate measures for those situations. A beautiful story that begins like this.

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A long time ago in a coquettish village of Ha Long Bay, a marriage was established that was dedicated to agriculture, the man as a child followed the profession of his father, carving and sowing the land, the wife was raised in the workshop of his parents, engaged in the manufacture of bricks, a profession more distinguished than the work of agriculture.


The couple worked from dawn to dusk in the field, despite working all day, money was not enough, things seemed to take a turn when the lady announced that she was pregnant, the poor man was coming to night.

Time passed quickly, the nine months of pregnancy flew by, soon a beautiful girl was born, and with her prosperity, the home economy began to get better, It was the reason for them to have another girl.

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The girls were raised in a very familiar environment, although they did not get to know their grandparents, their parents were in charge of publicizing all their stories, they knew very well what their grandparents were doing


The mother was dedicated to the care of the girls, while the father worked in the field to support the family, in the blink of an eye the girls became a woman, arriving the moment to find their ways


The eldest daughter, as expected, inherited her father’s tastes for agriculture, for this reason I look for a husband linked to the profession. The youngest girl had strong inclination to the profession of her mother, for this reason she contracted marriage with a businessman of the brick.

Source: Pixabay


Years passed, and after the death of his wife, the man decided to retire from his job, finally working hard all his life neglecting his wife, now alone, he wanted to buy time lost by visiting his daughters.


The first to visit was the humblest, the chosen profession was always poorly paid, and go if he knew, work all his life for miserable pennies, upon arrival was very well received, his son-in-law was an extraordinary young, hardworking and kind to his daughter, despite his humility, nothing was missing at home.

She learned from her daughter’s own mouth that she was very well, happy with her partner and her marriage, despite the crisis, nothing was missing at home, The father, like every father, wanted to see his daughter well, asked what he needed or could do for her.

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-If your wishes are to help me? The only thing you have to do is ask in your prayers to rain often, in this way you would be helping me a lot, if there is plenty of water, my vegetables would grow very well and I would have many products to sell and earn a living.


The father spent a beautiful vacation with his daughter and his family, although he did not want to leave, he had to visit his other daughter.


Life smiled to her other daughter, she had a very good economic pass, thanks to the profession of her husband, they lived in a closed neighborhood of Ha Long Bay, when the daughter arrived she was very happy to see it

commented that life treated her very well, destiny gave a wonderful husband and the profession should good dividends to live a life surrounded by luxury. Before returning home, she asked her daughter what she could do for her or what she needed, she replied.

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-Nothing Pope, we really are very well! At the insistence of the father, the young woman said.


– If you really want to help me? You just have to wish it never rains, remember that we live from brick making and if it rains we can not produce.


After a long hug, the father said goodbye to his daughter returning home, he arrived the first night and it was time for his prayers, where he had to include the request for his daughters.


There she realized that she was in a bind, each daughter had a different need, if she asked for one, she did bad for the other.


What to do in these circumstances? How to act on a thing of this nature, I spend several days without including the order for their daughters, finally came to the conclusion that I should leave in the hand of the creator or destiny, they know what they do.


This story leaves us a teaching, that no matter how hard we try, we will never have all our people according to our actions.


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