Saturday of suspense: “The Lord of Animals”!

Thank you very much dear friends for the company and reading my post, the days have passed very quickly, again we have arrived on Saturday, day in which my blog becomes mystical and scary, for those who enjoy horror movies, it’s time of a pause and enjoy a reading, natural or supernatural facts of life, dark legends told to us by our parents. I invite you to enjoy an urban legend as we did in our childhood.


The land without evil throughout history lodge different cultures, believers and superstitious of paranormal things and beyond, according to their beliefs between earth and hell there is a portal, where assiduously there are entities that return to their homes or places of origins.


Welcome dear friends to another Saturday of suspense, Corrientes are very superstitious, since children were inculcated to believe and respect paranormal things, the land without evil houses thousands of stories of events that have been witnessed.


I’m going to tell a story that happened in the province of Chaco-Argentina in the town of Quitilipi.

His name honors a small owl that lives in these areas of the world, which is usually called “quitilipi, ñacurutu or tuku” the latter is a name ” quichua “, derived from the word” tukuchikk “which means” to finish or conclude a thing “perhaps because of this is the mysticism of the place



When my parents separated, we had to move house, Mama worked as a maid in a family house, her income did not allow us to rent a house in our same neighborhood, unfortunately we had to move to a neighborhood outside the Corrientes suburbs.

! The Ponce Neighborhood!

A place out of the ordinary, away from all civilization, going to live there was like traveling years back in time, there was no basic services of the city, streets, sidewalks, street lighting, drinking water, at night we had to light the home with a small candle, the lamp is a homemade construction device, with a wick that makes contact with the fuel, the water we drank was obtained in a cistern, a place full of stories, with a lot of uniqueness.

Source: Pixabay


To live in this mystical place, awakened my curiosity in the esoteric things that the place housed, in my search for discovery I met Doña Minga, a woman of Indian blood, mother of a friend. He was born and raised in a very humble family of the Indian community of the Chaco, he lived in a village located in Quitilipi. A remote place in the middle of nowhere, lived in the place for several years, where I appreciate the customs and legends of the place.

The older brother of Doña Minga lived on the hunting of animals, sold his meats and leather, this area was the habitat of guanacos and llamas, animals much sought after for their hides. Nando (Doña Mingo’s brother) used to go out hunting every day, before dawn he left his tent, had to walk several hours to get to the forest where these animals used to

Source: pixabay


Nando persecuted the animals a lot, sometimes he killed only to sell his leather, Doña Minga’s father did not agree to do that, he was of the idea of ​​taking care of the resources that nature provides.


One morning he decided to face his son, tried to come to his senses and take care of the wild animals, they are not inexhaustible resources, with this behavior, they would not last long, Nando was a young man of strong character, he confronted his father excusing his behavior, the father took it upon himself to let him know that the animals have their owners and protect the animals from the hunters.


The heavy winter of July lashed all Quitilipi, Nando was preparing to go hunting, his father objected, letting him know that it was not a good idea, as expected the young man did not hear the words of his father.

Last night a big frost fell on the ground of the place, a few kilometers from his tent he found some tracks that he had never seen, they were from a very large animal, very similar to the footsteps of a bear, if it were in another place would ensure that they were the tracks of that animal, but in Quitilipi could not ensure since there are no bears.

Source: Pixabay


The skilful hunter followed the animal’s trail until it reached the bottom of a huge forest, where the road ended up crashing head-on with hills, on one side of it there was a large grotto with a huge entrance, where the tracks will go.


Nando was a very brave young man, he did not fear anything, without thinking he followed the trails inside the huge cave, the grotto inside turned out to be much bigger than it seemed on the outside, each time he went deeper into the cave, almost the outside light did not come.


For the first time in his life he felt afraid, hearing some terrifying snoring coming from the dark interior of the cave, he wanted to back down, but it was too late

A giant man posed in front of him, his head was huge, his mouth emerged large fangs, his naked torso was a man, from the waist up was a bear that walked on two legs. Seeing this, the young man tried to run, with the bad luck of stepping on a stone and ending up on the floor.

Source: Pixabay


The furious animal pounced on him. Nando could do nothing to save his life, luckily he heard a loud scream that caught the attention of the animal, the young man took advantage of the monster’s distraction to run out of the cave, on leaving he could see that it was his father, luck followed his trails there.


When they arrived in the village they said what happened, an older indigenous woman said that she was the animal lord, she had lived a similar situation with her parents when they lived in the province of Santiago del Estero.

The old lady called the animal with her name in Quechua “Runa-Ucumar” which means bear man, according to their beliefs the “rune-ucamar” is the lord of the animals, it appears to hunters who hunt animals for fun, guide them with his footsteps and he takes them to his cave where he kills them or eats them alive.



This is another story that harbors land without evil, something that I live and hear Dona Minga in her childhood, no one can certify that these stories are true, as my mother says. There are, there are.

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