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Hello dear friends, the week has gone and we have arrived to Friday, today in my blog there will be place for humor, fun, absurd, unusual and ridiculous news from the web, This post format is increasingly accepted and requested in our beloved platform, without a doubt the pioneers in this genre of humor are my friends @meesterboom and @trafalgar.


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The mood of today comes from the hand of the creativity of some people who are at the forefront and business expectations. When the world sees adversity, these people see the opportunity to earn money.


It is not news when talking that much of the world is going through an economic crisis, are counted on the fingers

those fortunate who can ensure otherwise. There are very skilled people in marketing, who are able to create any product to maintain or exceed sales.

Source: Pixabay


A recognized figure of the world of craftsmanship saw the business opportunity in a segment of products to which few artisans are devoted. The garden! Gardening is a passion and therefore one who feels it, does not consider an expense when it comes to accessory for your garden, so says “Emma Low” a distinguished craftswoman.


The craftswoman, in a moment of inspiration, visualized the product of her creation, taking as a model her own body, I created beautiful vases with the shape of a breast. I present these new products in a craft exhibition.

Days after the exhibition the phone did not stop ringing, men and women requested the made-to-measure vases, the men requested vases made to measure their wives and women offered to be the molds of their own vases.



The media were interested in the novel products, they asked the young woman for an exhibition in front of the cameras. The exhibition was a real success, a few of the exhibition the existing stock had been exhausted


“Emma Low” the young woman from “Edinburgh” opened a showroom in the city of “Leeds- Yorkshire-England” with a particularity, the works are made to measure and at the same time, admission is free and free.

The business is a real success, had to hire young craftsmen to make the first impression of the molds, while she gives the finished final, the competition is such, that had to fence the place so that people do not swoop on the artists, it is not necessary to clarify that 90% of the visitors are men.

Source: Pixabay

A renowned gymnasium of “Ukraine” after being affected by the economic crisis that afflicts the world, had a recurring idea. With more than 1000 associates, he led the trade, however, he was affected by the crisis and his clients stopped coming.

Source: pixabay


This situation led the gym company to think about closing its doors, one of the partners had the idea to change the service they offered, hiring instructors to fill the position of personal trainers.

The arrival of the instructors improved the situation of the gym a bit, but it was not expected, it was then time to use the recurrent idea of ​​the directory. Change the weights!

Source. Pixabay


The board found a solution to motivate the men to return to the gym, discarded all the weights and replaced them with a woman-shaped chest weights

The weights have a preparation for all tastes, there are golden or bronze weights for those who prefer well tanned, white weights, for those who prefer more normal shades and color weights, ideal for those who prefer to experience new things


In addition to the differentiation of colors, the weights are designed for those men who will use it, these for those who prefer small, they weigh approximately one 15kg, 23kg for those who prefer medium and for those who train with grades are those of 31 kilograms.



The new changes of the gym took public domain, the media was interested in the novelty and stalked to the doors of the gym to make a note to who had the recurring ideas of change.

The day after the note, new partners kept coming in tripling previous clients, now they are analyzing adding new things and enlarging the establishment.

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