Tuesday of Legends “The happy ending of Kumiko”

Thank you very much dear friends for the company and reading my post, the days have passed very quickly, again we have arrived on Tuesday, the day in which my blog becomes mystical and magical, it is time to pause and enjoy a reading with the charm of a legend, natural or supernatural facts of life, magical episodes that our grandparents told us, or that loving reading that our parents gave us before sleeping. I invite you to travel through time and enjoy a beautiful legend as we did in our childhood.

The legend of today will take us to a magical place. China! A beautiful place full of mysticism, where big people become children again, even if it is not for a moment and remember the beautiful stories of their childhood. Today’s story is inspired by “The legend of Yeh-Shen, the true Cinderella” according to the legend the story of the Cinderella has Chinese origin, it is about of a beautiful young daughter of a mining worker who owned two wives, when her mother died, she had to move and live with her stepmother. A dramatic story that begins like this.
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Many years ago on the edge of a mountain range in China, a community of travelers was established . The pioneers of the place were giving shape to the beautiful town, without knowing that its people would harbor some of the most amazing stories in the world. Everything begins with the arrival of Ming in the village, a young man with great skills to till the land, Ming was very hardworking, he spent all day working in his garden, his effort was rewarded with a large amount of silver coins.
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I do not spend much time in being noticed by the ladies of the place, his beautiful appearance and his good economic passage captured the love of two beautiful women. Ming contracted marriage with each one of them, its good economic passage allowed that both ladies had their own houses. The women of Ming were very similar, in knowledge, tastes and way of life, only one thing was different. Her character! One had a very sweet and dreamy character, the other quite the opposite, a horrible character, cold, calculating, selfish and envious.
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As expected. Ming lived with the woman who had the strongest character, with her she had three daughters, with the good-hearted woman she looked sporadically, with her she only contracted a single girl, (Kumiko) It means girl of eternal beauty! The most beautiful girl that could exist in all of China, inherited all the sweetness of her mother, a lovely young girl.

Ming visited his wife little, when he did, he lived very happy days full of love provided by his lovely family. Kumiko lived a very happy life with her parents, shortly before entering the age of adolescence, a sudden illness ended with the life of her mother.

One tragedy after another lived the beautiful girl, first being an orphan and now she had to live in her stepmother’s house, her father (Ming) could not take care of her, she spent all day working. Kumiko was not only a beautiful girl, she was also very talented and hardworking.

These attributes provoked the envy and anger of her stepmother, she could not admit and allow her to be more talented than her own daughters, condemning her to the worst of the house, living a secluded and friendless life in her new home.

In the hour of the siesta while his evil family slept. Kumiko went out for a walk in the forest, where I found a beautiful friendship with a Bamby Both were very lonely, this coincidence was the reason for the success of this friendship , several hours spent together in the forest, each narrated the horrible life that he had to live.
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The beautiful friendship was thriving, everything was going very well, until his wicked stepmother knew about Bamby’s existence, he could not allow his stepdaughter to have a friend and much less to be happy, for this reason he paid a hunter who ended his life of the wild animal.

Once again Kumiko’s life was full of sadness, apparently she did not deserve a bit of happiness, in the afternoon she went to the forest to mourn the loss of her friend, in one of them a little fairy appeared, who with the intention to comfort her she said that her Bamby was not just any, it was a magical one. Kumiko was very grateful for the words of the fairy, from that moment a beautiful friendship materialized.

The meetings became frequent, the beautiful girl visited the little fairy of the forest whenever she was within her reach in one of those visits, the fairy commented that Soon it would be the festival of lanterns. The festival was well known in that city, it was held very close to the house of the stepmother Kumiko. The fairy insisted that he should attend, this year was very particular, of all the young women present would choose the most beautiful for the prince’s wife.
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The beautiful girl dreamed all her life with a prince esposándola, this was a very good opportunity to make your dream come true, decidedly visit the party of the lanterns with the intention of meeting the prince.

Kumiko had inherited beautiful dresses from her mother, preparing to attend the evening, washing dresses spreading in the sun, seeing the beautiful dresses, her stepmother took them to give their own daughters, leaving the beautiful girl without dresses to attend the party.

Shortly before the party Kumiko attended the forest crying to discuss what happened with the little fairy, his grief could be heard several blocks away, magically the fairy was present and reassured the beautiful girl.

Upon hearing the reasons for the crying of the beautiful girl, the fairy I can not help but get angry, to help her to attend the party resorted to her magic, the dispossession of her rags and dressed her in elegant party dresses elegant gold shoes with ruby ​​and precious stones lace accompanied her attire. Kumiko attended the evening of the prince, she looked more beautiful than ever, everyone wonders Who was the beautiful girl who has just arrived?
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Before so much pressure the girl ran out of the palace, to do so one of his shoes was thrown from his feet. Kumiko returned very sad to his house, the young prince married a young girl from the village.

One year passed that misfortune, the party of lanterns was approaching, the stepsisters were preparing to attend the most important event of the place. Kumiko had lost hope of finding her prince charming, she only had a small souvenir shoe, which she kept jealously in the basement of the house.

The popular party began, this year would marry the youngest son of the king, as tradition indicates, the young man visited each of the young women who attended the royal party, but nobody captivated his heart, no doubt, there was no woman that would accompany his whole life. I was dancing the waltz when I noticed a brightness on the side of a real room, it came from a glass cubicle that kept inside it a small golden shoe, that golden shoe that the prince of the previous wedding sent to keep as a souvenir of his link.
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The king’s youngest son had no reason to marry, he would only do so to comply with the traditions, looking for an excuse for not doing so, including a clause in his marriage, he would only marry the owner of those shoes.

The king heard the prince’s requests, it did not seem like a bad idea, ordering his royal advisors to find the owner of the golden shoe and bring her to the palace. It did not take long for the counselors to arrive at Kumiko’s house. Upon seeing the shoe, she claimed that it was his, he assured that he had lost in the previous party of the lanterns, to prove his truth went to the basement and brought the remaining shoe.

The king’s counselors bowed to her, Kumiko did not understand what is happening she had no choice but to come to the king’s call, she presented herself as she was dressed (with her old rags) when entering the royal room, none of the present believed that the shoes belonged to this pordiosera woman. The prince took in his hands the shoe to try to fit on his feet, remember that they were not any shoe, were the magic that gave the little fairy, not only wedge to perfection, just put the clothes of Kumiko magically began to change, becoming a beautiful woman very elegant.
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At that moment fate united the lives of these young people, the prince would have the most beautiful and kind woman in town and Kumiko would fulfill his dream of hunting with his prince charming, this is the story of Cinderella Chinese version.


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